In a Mind's Eye - This is the Art of Contemporary West Australian Artist, Carole Ayres

Carole Ayres

Image Courtesy of Community Newspaper Group. Photographer: Marcelo Palacios

Carole Ayres has made a truly remarkable contribution to the West Australian, Australian, and Global art scene, with her participation in 247 joint exhibitions and 19 solo exhibitions since 1979. In 1980, Carole's painting, "Woman of the Desert", was selected to represent Australia in the Royal Overseas Art Exhibition in London. Carole is also represented in the book "Art Effects", by Jean Drysdale Green, published by Watson Guptill, New York and she has featured in the famous "Turnrow" publication, Volume 5.2. Carole’s artistic style is reflective of her truly romantic temperament, her love of the West Australian landscape and admiration of ancient Japanese culture. At a glance, her work may appear decorative, but to truly understand her work, one should first know a bit about its talented creator.

Uniquely Styled. Stunningly Decorative. Sublime.

In a Mind's Eye, Carole Ayres

Carole Ayres is a contemporary West Australian artist who has conjured up a truly unique creative style of artwork that's both beautifully meaningful and stunningly decorative - embedded creative intellect allows for a sublime visual engagement that subconsciously allows the viewer's inner mind's eye an almost mystical peaceful state of relativity. Carole's artworks have been displayed in many gorgeous interiors, from iconic landmark buildings such as The Perth Mint, The Sheraton Hotel Perth to the boardrooms and foyers of multinational corporations - through to collectors private worlds of luxury in Europe, England, America, Canada and South Africa.