About Carole

Carole Ayres spends long hours in her art studio developing and perfecting ways to add to her large repertoire. Carole's success is clearly evident in her popularity with the buying public. Her magnificent artwork is represented in private collections in Europe, North America, Asia and Southern Africa. Carole's largest volume of work is represented in private, government and corporate collections Australia wide.

Carole is very appreciative of the support that she receives which is evidenced in the generous donations that she pledges from some of the income earned from the sale of her art. Case in Point: In 1998, Carole donated AUD$9000, of the AUD$25 000 she earned from an exhibition, to the Murdoch Hospice and to St. Patrick's in Fremantle.

Carole has appeared in the very up-market "Insite Autumn 2010" Magazine by Scoop Publishing in the "Gallery Choice" section which featured her exhibition "In a Mind's Eye XV" in the Top 5 (P205) out of 40 accredited galleries around Perth - "Curators select their favourite works from Autumn Exhibitions."

Please feel free to browse through Carole's online Gallery which showcases some of her recently exhibited pieces of artwork.

19th Solo Exhibition NOW ON: IN A MIND'S EYE XIX

DATE: 24 June 2016 - 10 July 2016

VENUE: Earlywork Gallery, Shop 9, The Biscuit Factory, 330 South Terrace, South Fremantle, WA

Please join Carole for the Opening at 6pm Friday 24th June 2016 to be opened by Lesley Combes Interior Designer - Inside Out Design.

IN A MIND'S EYE XIX will run for 7 days, 10am - 4pm

Uniquely Styled. Stunningly Decorative. Sublime.

In a Mind's Eye, Carole Ayres

Carole Ayres is a contemporary West Australian artist who has conjured up a truly unique creative style of artwork that's both beautifully meaningful and stunningly decorative - embedded creative intellect allows for a sublime visual engagement that subconsciously allows the viewer's inner mind's eye an almost mystical peaceful state of relativity. Carole's artworks have been displayed in many gorgeous interiors, from iconic landmark buildings such as The Perth Mint, The Sheraton Hotel Perth to the boardrooms and foyers of multinational corporations - through to collectors private worlds of luxury in Europe, England, America, Canada and South Africa.