Biography - Carole Ayres

Carole Ayres arrived from Britain in 1951 to settle, and in 1976, proudly became an Australian citizen. She completed a Diploma of Art at the Fremantle College of TAFE, where she proved herself to be an extraordinary pupil of the arts receiving numerous awards for outstanding achievements in both art history and painting.

Carole has been greatly influenced by Gustav Klimt (1862 - 1918), an Austrian Symbolist painter and one of the most prominent members of the Vienna Art Nouveau (Vienna Secession) movement. The influence of Klimt is evident in her paintings by her elegant use of gold backgrounds and mosaic patterns. An eclectic range of influences contributes to Carole’s distinctive style, with the two most prominent being, Japanese Court figures and West Australian landscapes. She has traveled extensively, from the beautiful, unforgiving West Australian deserts, through to climbing volcanic peaks on horse back in Asia. Carole has even parachuted to get a better view of the vastness of the Australian landscape. These experiences, along with many other encounters through her travels, are brought to light in her artwork.

Carole does not reproduce what she has seen true to life in her art. Instead, she provides her very own subjective interpretation of the entire experience which is achieved through her arbitrary use of colour and her unique stylising of the Australian landscape.

Uniquely Styled. Stunningly Decorative. Sublime.

In a Mind's Eye, Carole Ayres

Carole Ayres is a contemporary West Australian artist who has conjured up a truly unique creative style of artwork that's both beautifully meaningful and stunningly decorative - embedded creative intellect allows for a sublime visual engagement that subconsciously allows the viewer's inner mind's eye an almost mystical peaceful state of relativity. Carole's artworks have been displayed in many gorgeous interiors, from iconic landmark buildings such as The Perth Mint, The Sheraton Hotel Perth to the boardrooms and foyers of multinational corporations - through to collectors private worlds of luxury in Europe, England, America, Canada and South Africa.